Clémentine Berglund
Art Direction, Graphic Design, 3D, Photographer
Based in Stockholm

BFA Visual Communication
Beckmans College of Design

Clémentine Berglund
Art Director, Graphic Design, 3D
Based in Stockholm

BFA Visual Communication
Beckmans College of Design

Art Direction

Read Sequence Paper

Sequence Paper

is a magazine about time and our relationship to it. The magazine features a non-linear narrative that affectionately blends together different perspectives regarding the past, present and future.

Sequence aims to capture a distinctive yet timeless editorial identity while simultaneously being something contemporary. The magazine can be read from both directions in a palindrome-like sequence. Featuring poetry from Johan Nordbäck & Antonella Basagni.

Made in collaboration with Alexander Peri,
Eric Rösmark & Joel Eriksson.

Editorial Design at Beckmans College of Design. Printed at Newspaper Club, London, in uncoated broadsheet format - with an exclusive edition of 50 copies.


Art Direction
Graphic Design
3D & Programming


The world revolves around you, or rather how others perceive you. Therefore I can offer products with a design right up your alley. Welcome to a vending machine entirely to your liking.

Self-Seeking Service presents an investigation of identity and self-realization in relation to consumer culture, where the design of the packaged “for sale” items adapts to your values – your “core”. In this project, I assume that people create self-portraits through buying items with the purpose of identity building. This takes place in a performance where you choose your personal belongings based on who you want to be. In parallel, I have investigated how companies use socially coded design to convey values.

My finale year project at Beckmans College of Design. Showcast at exhibition FORMATION 2022. Featured in Resumé.


Art Direction

Watch Kärleksmöte med Moder jord

Kärleksmöte med Moder jord

is an interactive film helping us to challenge our thoughts regarding the relationship between food consumption and planet earth. Which choices do we need to reconsider in order to shift the progress of climate change?

Directed by me in collaboration with Alexander Peri. Director of photography Alva Nylander, gaffer Isak Lundberg and set designer Linus Soinjoki.

Beckmans College of Design in collaboration with Svenskt Tenn and Beijerinstitutet.

Showcast at exhibition with Svenskt Tenn, Strandvägen 5 between the 14 -21 of April 2021.


3D (Scaning and modulation)

What happens to art that disappears? By stepping into the fictional exhibition Lost & Found, you get the opportunity to take part in stolen art pieces by Jewish artists. A place created for the purpose of taking back what was once reported as lost. A cultural heritage that we want to uncover.

Made in collaboration with Alexander Peri.

Beckmans College of Design in collaboration with Judiska Museet.

Showcast at exhibition with Judiska Museet, Själagårdsgatan 19 between the 28th of October to the 28th of November 2021.


Art Direction

A selection of photos from different fashion campaigns. A mix of collaborations with various photographers, as well as campaigns shot by me. 

From 2015 till 2019 I was working together with cheap monday founder Örjan Andersson for his new brand and store in Stockholm. Apart from my main role as an art director, I was also involved in post production.




Fast Travel Games    Marketing Creative Assistant
Beckmans college of design     Bachelor in Fine Arts, Visual Communications
Östra Grevie folkhögskola     Visual Communication
ÖA by Örjan Andersson, Från Ö till A     Art Director, Graphic designer